Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just published, Richard's new book - "Guidance for the Directors of Banks"

I'm quite excited - not to say relieved - that the World Bank's Global Corporate Governance Forum (GCGF) has now published my short book, "Guidance for the Directors of Banks."

You can get your copy as a free download - from the GCGF's home page (, or here:

I wrote the book mainly for three groups of readers: 
  1. New directors who have experience in banking; 
  2. Directors who understand governance, but with no banking background; and 
  3. New directors who have no experience of either banking or being a director.
If you take a look, I hope you'll see that the principles aren't unique to banking! My aim, as I say at the start, is to generate some intelligent questions in your boardroom. If it does that, it has succeeded.

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