Friday, July 13, 2012

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We're glad you've visited. We hope it becomes worth your while to return from time to time. You may even want to bookmark as one of your favourites.

The Westlake Governance "Boardsrus" blog is about helping boards work more effectively - helping you to "FICKS" your board. (Come and talk to us if you don't understand what we're talking about here.)

  • We'll tell you what we think about some topical subjects,
  • We may ask your thoughts on something controversial,
  • We'll direct you to other sites that may be of interest,
  • And, from time to time, we may talk about something that is nothing to do with any of these.

There's an old governance paradox: When an organisation's working well, the CEO's the star; when it all turns pear-shaped -- "Welcome a-board!" We hope we and this blog will help to reduce the incidence of the latter.

We're keen to hear your thoughts too - whether or not you agree with us - so don't be shy about adding your comments.

We look forward to your joining us on this exploration.

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